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Skipper Shower Cap

Skipper Shower Cap

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Shower cap, solved. This patent pending design has an adjustable, elastic-free band that's actually comfortable. Made in Canada with high quality materials. Finally, a shower cap that's enjoyable to wear.

HOLIDAY RETURNS: Purchases between November 1-December 25 have until February 8, 2023 to initiate returns.

Adjustable, elastic-free band.

No more hairline marks or stretched out, floppy cap. You decide the tightness every time.

Technical materials.

Breathable, waterproof shell.

Soft, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial lining (100% recycled polyester) keeps you feeling fresh and dampens sound.

Plush band lining is soft against skin and helps keep the cap in place without leaving marks.

Easy to put on.

1. Connect the band around your head as tight as you like.

2. Gather any loose hair and tuck it in the opening in the back, then cinch the drawstring to close the cap.

3. Tuck the drawstring in (optional), and skip wash day with confidence. Hang it to dry when you're done.


Toss it in the wash when it needs a refresh. Machine wash, gentle cycle. Hang to dry.


Spare the landfill from those pesky plastic caps, and skip wash day to reduce water use.

Planet-friendly materials are used wherever possible, including the lining material that is 100% recycled polyester.

Shipping materials are minimal and recyclable.

Shipping is proudly carbon neutral, too!

Proudly made in Canada.

Made in Canada and made to last with quality craftsmanship and fair labour conditions. Skipper is based in Canada and proud to contribute to our local economy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Previous Shower Cap User?: No

I just bought this cap from my salon and wow wow wow wow. It was the best investment I've ever made for my hair. It fits like a glove and my hair never gets wet. This cap has changed my life. I use it twice a day and it's worth the price. Thank you for making something so useful. LOVE THIS CAP!!!!

Thanks for such a glowing review! Glad you picked one up at Frenchie's and loved it enough to take time to leave a review here.

Gifted shower cap

I was gifted the cap and it was great! I loved how it stayed in place and how it didn’t budge at all. It was nice to not have to worry about it. The little drawstring is a nice touch and very accommodating. My hair was dry as a thistle aprés shower.

Previous Shower Cap User?: Yes, regularly
Excellent shower cap

I think the Skipper shower cap is great and far superior to other shower caps. At no point does my hair spill out like with the traditional elastic band shower caps. And it is also very comfortable to wear.

It would be great to have a demonstration of how to wear the Skipper shower cap for a person with not tied-up long hair on the website (the model on the website has her hair secured in a bun). It was a bit tricky to figure out on my own.

Thanks for your kind review! That's a really good idea for helpful info we could add to the website. We're on the case! Glad you figured it out and love the shower cap.

Previous Shower Cap User?: Yes, regularly
The best product I have used all year!

I genuinely look forward to using a skipper because my hair looks as good as it did before I showered. Trust me, no blowouts or styles are harmed using this exceptional product! Do yourself a favor, pop skipper into your beauty routine for a transformational hair care experience.

Previous Shower Cap User?: Yes, regularly
Fits well

Finally a shower cap that works and is washable! I was tired of the plastic caps and wary of elastic bands on other reusable caps as they lose their elasticity so quickly. Plus I don't want to contribute to more plastic in landfills. This cap is pricey, but the only one of it's kind so far and I'm happy with my purchase. I was also on the verge of attempting to make one myself lol, so I'm glad Skipper saved me the trouble!

Why should you Skip Wash Day™?

  • Healthier hair.

    Shampooing and heat styling can dry out your hair and scalp. Let your natural oils moisturize your strands, and help your haircolour last longer, too.

  • Saves time.

    Save your hairstyle for tomorrow. If you're not shampooing, drying, and styling, what will you do with all the extra time you'll have?

  • Reduces water.

    Shortening your shower by only 5 minutes can save 40-50L. If you do this every other day, that water savings really adds up!

  • Less plastic.

    One Skipper shower cap replaces countless disposable ones. Treat yourself to better quality, and spare the landfills from even more plastic.

  • 1. Connect the band

    You choose how tight it is, every time. Connect the band along the hairline, underneath long hair if it isn't tied up.

  • 2. Cinch the back closed

    Tuck in any loose hair through the opening before you tighten the drawstring to close the back pouch.

  • Adjustable shower cap on woman

    3. Skip Wash Day™ with confidence

    Hang to dry between each use. When it needs a refresh, toss it in a gentle wash cycle and hang to dry.

We couldn't find a shower cap that actually worked, so we invented one.

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