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About Skipper

The short story:

We couldn't find a shower cap that we liked, so we invented one.

The long story:

A lot of people don't wash their hair every day. There are so many benefits: healthier scalp, hair is less dry, colour lasts longer, and reclaiming all that blow drying and styling time. 

Hundreds of dry shampoos are out there to help you skip wash day, but the only shower caps we could find were all based on that same old bonnet style with elastics in the band. 

We tried them all, but those shower caps have so many problems. They don't fit. They're too tight, so they leave marks and give you a headache. Or they're too loose, so they move around or don't hold your hair in. They look and feel ridiculous to wear. And, so many plastic or cheap vinyl shower caps go to waste after they stretch out or get a hole in them. 

So, we set out to solve these problems, all in one product. Our patent pending shower cap is different. And that's a good thing.

Same old, same old shower caps

Skipper shower caps

Bad fit: too tight, too loose, doesn't stay in place, forehead marks.

Adjustable, elastic-free band. You choose how tight it is, every time you wear it.

Single use plastic or cheap vinyl.

High quality, technical materials, made to last. Machine-washable, too. 

A nightmare to put on. Tough to shove all the hair inside the elastic band that doesn't stay in place.

Easy to put on. Connect the band around your hairline first. Gather and tuck any long hair in the opening in the back, and then tighten the drawstring to close the cap.

Made for mass distribution, usually overseas.

Made in Canada and made to last.

Can get smelly after a few uses.

Has an anti-bacterial, moisture wicking lining. When it needs a refresh, toss it in the wash on gentle cycle and hang to dry.

That puffy bag on your head looks ridiculous.

It's not a fashion accessory, it's still a shower cap. But this one looks and feels good to wear, if you ask us.

Shower cap, solved.

Try it out for yourself, and if you don't like it, you can return it. 

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Skipper™ Beginnings

Hear it from our founder, Gillian Thomson:

"The idea for Skipper started when I was fed up with other shower caps. I tried all the fancy reusable shower caps I could find, but I didn't like any of them. So I set out to design one that's totally different.

This product has been a long time in the making, I suppose.

When I was a teenager, I worked part-time at a hair salon and decided that making hair products was my dream job. I went on to earn my chemistry degree alongside my hairstyling license, then led product development for a salon and spa chain after graduating. Considering that goal checked off, I turned my career towards design and marketing. Ten years later, with this shower cap problem to solve, I'm returning to the beauty industry wearing a new hat (or should I say cap?)—inventor. 

Skipper was in development for a year and a half before launching. Two really important things to me were worth the wait: getting the right fit—without an elastic—and finding a high quality manufacturing partner here in Canada.

Skipper's just getting started. It's a totally new product, and I want to know how you like it (especially if you don't like it, so it can be improved). I'm excited to share this smart, sustainable product with people like me that just want to skip wash day without any fuss."

Contact Skipper

We love to talk about all things shower caps and skipping wash day. Reach out any time:

Flexible size

Designed to fit around a range of head sizes with plenty of space to accommodate hair.

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Easy to care for

When it needs a refresh, toss it in the wash on a gentle setting, then hang it to dry.

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45-day returns

You've got lots of time to try your new Skipper. If you don't love it, easily return it.

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