About Skipper

Saving good hairdos while doing good.

Why is it so hard to find a shower cap that works?

You know the struggle. Too tight. Leaves a forehead mark. Too loose. Moves around so your hair gets wet anyway. Too noisy. Gets smelly. Low quality. Wasteful plastic. 

People invest so much time, energy, and money into their hairstyle—then wash it away or cover it with a flimsy plastic shower cap.

We knew there had to be a better way.

Getting a better fit was top priority. The fabrics and quality needed an upgrade, too.

Easier for you, easier on the planet.

Skipper is more than a shower cap. It's a tool for living more sustainably.

We’re definitely not perfect environmentalists, but we know that small actions add up. Or, in this case, inactions—don’t wash your hair!

Saves water: When you cut 5 minutes off your shower, you save 40-50L of water! That really adds up over time.

Reduces plastic: The world is moving away from single-use plastic for good reason. Let's spare landfills and oceans from disposable shower caps.

A beauty product that isn't trying to change the way you look.

Skipper is built on three foundational values:

  • Brains before beauty.

    Prioritize what is smart over what looks pretty.

  • Keep it real.

    Be authentic, and not take ourselves too seriously.

  • Do good.

    Do what's right for people and the planet.

Who cares that much about shower caps?

Answer: Skipper's founder, Gillian Thomson.

When she couldn't find a shower cap that worked for her, she knew she wasn't alone. So she set out to design a totally new one.

Gillian dreamed of making hair products since she was young, so she earned her chemistry degree and hairstyling license. While developing salon and spa products, she felt the beauty industry wasn't her cup of tea anymore and turned her career towards marketing and design. When the idea for a better shower cap came along ten years later, she combined this unique background to reignite her hair product dreams and invent Skipper.

Proudly made in Canada

The idea of low quality goods being shipped around the world, used a few times, then thrown away doesn't sit right with us. For example, shower caps.

Skipper is proud to contribute to our local economy while providing well-made shower caps to our customers.

The factory we work with has a long history of Canadian garment manufacturing, and specializes in tactical gear and outerwear—perfect for a hair raincoat like Skipper.

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