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Well made, very comfortable

This is an excellent shower cap, so comfortable I could sleep in it! Keeps water out, my medium length hair is dry, style is maintained and the cap is very easy to take on and off. I like it better than my ssshowercap, especially if I was going to wear it for things other than the shower like sleeping, etc. because of the soft fabric. So happy it is a Canadian company as well! Thanks for the great product! Highly recommended.

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A bit pricey I think, but it’s made well! Much better then “plastic stuff on my head”!😉

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Amazing Product!

I love the Skipper shower caps. I first purchased the blue cap. It was a game changer for me. I have straight hair and the mist from the shower would cause fly always on no wash days. I’ve tried other caps, but they still get moisture in them. The Skipper is breathable in the shower and I find my head doesn’t sweat with it on. I also used to tie my hair up or slick back on rainy days because… frizz and fly aways. These caps are so cute I wear them out to work on rainy days! I now have a red cap so I’m never without if one is in the laundry! Highly recommend!

Wow, thanks for the glowing review! Glad you like both of your Skippers, even outside the shower.

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Love my Skipper shower cap and plan to purchase one for each of my daughters

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a kind review! We hope your daughters like it as much as you do.

Bought as a gift and Daughter is very happy with skipper

We're so happy to hear this. Hopefully your other daughter feels the same about the other one you bought! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

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Environmentally friendly and very functional!

The Skipper is very easy to use, comfortable and keeps all of my hair dry (unlike the plastic shower cap I was using). I love the color (red). It was a very considerate gift from friends.

So great to hear you're enjoying it and it's working as a shower cap should! Thank you!

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The best cap ever

Thanks for such a kind review! Glad you like it. :)

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Bought as gifts

Well made,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. So happy the gift was well-received!

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A great product

My Daughter and I purchased for my wife for Christmas. She has used her cap every other day since Christmas. She is very pleased with it. She finds it very easy to put on and keeps her hair dry. She strongly recommends it.

Very glad to know your wife is enjoying it, and thanks for the recommendation!

Previous Shower Cap User?: No

I just bought this cap from my salon and wow wow wow wow. It was the best investment I've ever made for my hair. It fits like a glove and my hair never gets wet. This cap has changed my life. I use it twice a day and it's worth the price. Thank you for making something so useful. LOVE THIS CAP!!!!

Thanks for such a glowing review! Glad you picked one up at Frenchie's and loved it enough to take time to leave a review here.

Gifted shower cap

I was gifted the cap and it was great! I loved how it stayed in place and how it didn’t budge at all. It was nice to not have to worry about it. The little drawstring is a nice touch and very accommodating. My hair was dry as a thistle aprés shower.

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Excellent shower cap

I think the Skipper shower cap is great and far superior to other shower caps. At no point does my hair spill out like with the traditional elastic band shower caps. And it is also very comfortable to wear.

It would be great to have a demonstration of how to wear the Skipper shower cap for a person with not tied-up long hair on the website (the model on the website has her hair secured in a bun). It was a bit tricky to figure out on my own.

Thanks for your kind review! That's a really good idea for helpful info we could add to the website. We're on the case! Glad you figured it out and love the shower cap.

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The best product I have used all year!

I genuinely look forward to using a skipper because my hair looks as good as it did before I showered. Trust me, no blowouts or styles are harmed using this exceptional product! Do yourself a favor, pop skipper into your beauty routine for a transformational hair care experience.

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Fits well

Finally a shower cap that works and is washable! I was tired of the plastic caps and wary of elastic bands on other reusable caps as they lose their elasticity so quickly. Plus I don't want to contribute to more plastic in landfills. This cap is pricey, but the only one of it's kind so far and I'm happy with my purchase. I was also on the verge of attempting to make one myself lol, so I'm glad Skipper saved me the trouble!

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Awesome redesign of the “old” shower cap

Someone was thinking when they re-imagined the old shower cap. There is room for my ponytail without it pulling the cap up off my hair, and no elastic line on my forehead! I was hesitant because of the high price tag, but it was worth it.

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A game changer for thick hair!

I have very long and thick hair, and I've always struggled to contain it all within a traditional shower cap. No matter how hard I tried, the nape of my neck would always get soaked during my showers. When I tried the Skipper I was gifted, I was IMMEDIATELY IMPRESSED! It has a strong drawstring AND an adjustable strap that made the Skipper feel so secure on my head.
Not a single strand of hair gets wet now! Makes hoping in the shower to freshen up or rinse off self-tanner so easy.

I will definitely have this Skipper for the rest of my life. I'M SOLD!!

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Keeps my hair dry. Thanks!

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Great fit, much better than a standard shower cap

I love the fit of this product, vs a standard shower cap. It doesn't leave a mark on the forehead, and is much quieter in the shower as far as water hitting it. The custom fit means my daughter and I can both use it. And it is Canada-made!

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Great Shower Cap

Very comfortable shower cap. Keep my hair dry. The cap dries very quickly.

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My Skipper

The Skipper delivers as promised. I no longer have damp or wet hair after my prebedtime shower or bath. Great shower cap.

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Super comfy!

This cap is super comfy and quiet. Not a drop of water gets in. I love it!

Previous Shower Cap User?: Yes, regularly

I didn't know how much the Skipper would change my life. This shower cap keeps my hair totally dry!! I knew a long time ago that washing your hair everyday wasn't healthy so I've always used a shower cap. I had to blow dry the hairline and flat iron my hair each time because the elastic wouldn't stay tight on my head. Then I tried the Skipper and I'm never going back to any other type. The Skipper has no elastic and never moves. I believe that every person should have this shower cap - it'll change your life! I'm telling all my friends!

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Goodbye plastic shower caps!

Very comfortable to wear, once I got the elastic to the right fit for me. Took a few days to become familiar with the Velcro clasp. Keeps my hair dry. Great shower cap!

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Skipper Shower Cap

The shower cap is absolutely everything it says it is! Simply the best to keep your hair dry! It is far better than those plastic caps you get in hotels! I take very long showers and the cap has been comfortable till I'm finished. The closure works very well and I actually love the color! I have tried wearing it in my hot tub too so that I don't have to redo my hair. I go in my hot tub almost everyday so this has saved my hair!!! It's good to see a young entrepreneur starting up a new business. It speaks of optimism triumphing over the many obstacles this pandemic has presented. I also love the fact that the developer cares about the environment and its made in Canada!!

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Great gift

Bought it for my wife, and she thinks it's pretty great. Works better than anything she's tried before, and she's pretty much tried everything. Materials are high quality.