It's not just women with long hair that are reaping the benefits of skipping wash day. Men skip wash day too! Shower caps are commonly used by men, and we kept this in mind while developing Skipper. 

"I'm not drawn to bows and girly patterns on my shower cap. I just want one that works. While looks wasn't at the top of the priority list, it's a nice bonus that Skipper also looks and feels less frumpy than the others."
-Gillian Thomson, inventor of Skipper

skipper shower cap steps to put on without elastic band
Building a brand that's gender-neutral was a consideration right from the beginning. The name Skipper alludes to the idea that you use this shower cap to skip wash day. It's also the nickname for a captain of a ship, which is a leadership role that can be held by anyone. The choice to debut Skippers in navy blue was also thoughtfully made to be welcoming to anyone that wears shower caps.
"With Skipper, I like that I am building a brand that plays in the hair and beauty space, but doesn't tell someone how to look. It doesn't matter what face is wearing a Skipper, it's simply for anyone that wants to keep their hair dry in the shower."
-Gillian Thomson, inventor of Skipper
When you search for shower cap for men, the results are lackluster, and the issues remain the same. They're too tight so they leave a mark, or they stretch out and they don't stay in place. Plastic shower caps are wasteful and they don't work. Skipper solves all of those fit issues and replaces countless plastic shower caps. 

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