Is a shower cap the best option to keep your hair dry in the shower?

Is a shower cap the best option to keep your hair dry in the shower?

Many people don’t wash their hair every day. The benefits are widely known. If you’ve already made the switch to skipping wash day, it’s hard to imagine going back to washing and styling your hair every day! Here, we explore some common ways of keeping hair dry in the shower. 

Use a shower cap: We are completely biased here—it’s obviously our favourite method! This is a common and effective way to keep your hair dry in the shower. Psst! We improved upon it! If you’re looking for a reusable shower cap that’s more substantial than the plastic ones (and less wasteful!), you’ve found the right place. Skipper’s the best!

Wrap your hair in a towel: Before getting in the shower, wrap your hair in a towel and secure it with a hair tie or clip. There are also special towels designed for this purpose (often called towel hair wraps) that are commonly found in drugstores now. Depending on where your showerhead is located, some splashes are still absorbed by the towel and can get to the hairstyle underneath. It’s soft and warm, but we find it can be a bit too bulky and isn’t waterproof, so we prefer shower caps.

Use a hair clip: Again, depending on where your showerhead is located, and how sensitive your hairstyle is to water and humidity, some people can get away with clipping their hair up and avoiding splashes. Sounds so easy! But, you may find yourself having to stand awkwardly in the shower as you avoid the water, and may have to bring out the blow dryer and heat tools for touch ups anyway.

Wear a swim cap: We don’t quite understand this one, but some people do it. If you’ve ever tried to put on a swim cap, you know it’s not an easy or comfortable thing to wear. It definitely keeps water out, but it can really squish your hairstyle and can be really sweaty. A shower cap like Skipper is just so much more comfortable!

Change your showerhead: If you're really serious about avoiding your hair from getting wet in the shower, you could change your showerhead to be the handheld kind. You have better control of where the water stream meets your body and can minimize splashing. 

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Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

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