Five Good Reasons to Skip Wash Day

Five Good Reasons to Skip Wash Day

Skipping wash day can be tough to transition to, but once you make the switch, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner. There are so many benefits!

reason to skip wash day - saves time

You’re ready to go sooner if you don’t have to take time for hair drying and styling anymore. Showers will be a little shorter too if you're not shampooing and conditioning.

reason to skip wash day - saves resources

Saving water, electricity, and heat. It may not seem like it’s making that much of a difference, but you’re shortening your shower time and hairstyling time. Heat styling tools use a lot of energy to dry and curl/straighten your hair. And every minute of showering you spare saves litres of water, along with the energy used to heat that shower water.

reason to skip wash day - saves money

Think about it—you’re cutting your shampoo and conditioner use/cost in half if you wash every second day. Plus, using less heat and water to wash/style hair lowers costs, too. If you stretch a few days between washes, those savings increase.

reason to skip wash day - healthy hair and scalp

Shampoo and heat styling dries out your hair and scalp. Oil from your scalp is a natural moisturizer, so it’s good to leave it in place. By skipping wash day, you cut these drying effects in half and your hair will be noticeably healthier over time. 

reason to skip wash day - preserve hair colour

If you colour your hair, washing it less will help maintain its brilliance. Reds, violets, ashy blonde tones, and trendy bright pigments like to slip out of hair quickly. The less shampooing and heat styling you do, the longer they will last.

Add these all up: you’re saving costs on energy, water, hair products, and potentially stretching your hair appointments longer. 

To go from washing your hair daily to skipping wash days is tough sometimes. For tips on how to make it through, read How to Wash Your Hair Less.

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