How to Put on a Skipper Shower Cap

How to Put on a Skipper Shower Cap

Skipper shower caps are different than other shower caps out there. And that's a good thing. 

The band on a Skipper shower cap doesn't have elastic, which is the main reason other shower caps don't work well. Elastic shower caps are too loose or too tight, they leave marks, they move around, and are uncomfortable. 

Skipper shower caps go on a little differently, in a couple steps:

 connecting band of Skipper shower cap

Step 1: Connect the band around your head.

You choose the tightness, every time. Position the cap so that the band is around the perimeter of your hairline. If you have long hair, you may find it easiest to tie/clip your hair up first, but it's not necessary. Scoop the band underneath your hair (along the hairline), making it as tight as you like. 

pulling drawstring on Skipper shower cap

Step 2: Close the back opening

Once the band is connected, there is still an opening in the back that needs to be closed. Simply pull the drawstring tight. If your hair isn't already tied/clipped up, you can gather your hair and tuck it in the opening at the back before tightening the drawstring.

That's it!

wearing Skipper shower cap

If you find it's too tight or too loose during your shower, you can simply re-position the band. 

Will it keep your hair dry?

At first glance, it may seem like the shower cap isn't totally sealed. Well, it isn't. There is still a small opening at the lower back, but the cinched drawstring provides a protective hood so the water runs off. As long as you aren't putting your head upside down in the shower—who is?—water generally stays out.

It may be a little awkward to put it on at first, but it becomes really easy after a few tries. You'll have a really hard time going back to those elastic shower caps after you're used to a Skipper! 

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