Shower caps are the worst, so we invented a better one.

Adjustable, elastic-free band. Antibacterial lining. Machine-washable. Actually comfortable.

We couldn't find a shower cap that actually worked, so we invented one.

Our PATENTED design is truly different—in a good way.

About Skipper
  • Adjustable, elastic-free band.

    No more annoying elastic. You pick how tight it is, every time. Forehead marks, be gone!

  • High quality materials.

    Breathable, waterproof shell. Sweat-wicking, antibacterial lining. Soft terry cloth inner band.

  • Goes on differently.

    Connect the band. Tuck in any loose hair. Then, cinch the back pouch closed. It's different in a good way.

Why should you Skip Wash Day®?

  • Healthier hair.

    Shampooing and heat styling can dry out your hair and scalp. Let your natural oils moisturize your strands, and help your haircolour last longer, too.

  • Saves time.

    Save your hairstyle for tomorrow. If you're not shampooing, drying, and styling, what will you do with all the extra time you'll have?

  • Reduces water.

    Shortening your shower by only 5 minutes can save 40-50L. If you do this every other day, that water savings really adds up!

  • Less plastic.

    One Skipper shower cap replaces countless disposable ones. Treat yourself to better quality, and spare the landfills from even more plastic.